Sunday, November 8, 2015

Why I'm so quiet these days...

As you might have read from a previous blog post, I have started doing a MA in Digital Culture through UCC. (Previous post Upskilling) Although it was supposed to be part-time, I fear it is overwhelming me, and I can say it is nearly full time! A whole world of digital has opened up,  sucking up my time either directly or indirectly. In a good way though! I would like, while I have the opportunity to do this course, to devote as much time to it as possible. So my crafting days as sadly quiet.

I am directing my research into the area of activism. Using arts and crafts as a means of communication, using digital tools, to make our world a better place. So, I am not entirely devoid of craft! But more reading the academic side of it, in the hope of becoming more proficient about being able to write and talk about it. And about why I feel it is so important for us, in this overpowering digital age. I hope to do a lot of research on social media and design tools that can help craftspeople, promote our work, and use our skills for community activism. Conservation of crafts is also a key issue for me, the conservation of skills.

I have had to start a new blog, and write about my research throughout the year, so I feel I must step back on the other blogging fronts, both here and on The Woolly Way.

If you would like to follow my research, make suggestions, state opinions. etc, as ever, you are most welcome to join me at my new blog  Fite Fuaite  (Gaelige for intertwined) or a new Facebook page I have set up for my research Fite Fuaite

I am still on FB and Twitter, and of course Pinterest, but I may be posting more academic type stuff. though still craft related I hope!

Monday, September 14, 2015

UP-SKILLING: Learning new stuff


As you may know (loyal readers!), I did a course in Digital Design last winter. To try up-skill myself so I could find more work. Sadly, my craft skills do not bring home enough broccoli (I'm a veggie, so no bacon), so I need to explore branching out on my design skills. 

Friday, September 11, 2015

WORKSHOP: Transition Towns, Tralee, Co. Kerry







Transition Village at Tralee Food Festival in Tralee Town Square Saturday 19th September 2015

Only just unpacking from the Electric Picnic (pictures to follow!) and I'm plugging my next workshop. I'll be doing simple yarn workshops at the Transition Village at the inaugural Tralee Food Festival, suitable for kids and adults alike!

"It will be a buzzing hub of activity with local food, cooking demonstrations, information on sustainable living and community resilience, children's activities and picnic tables to hang out and chat."

Tralee Food Festival

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Workshop: Electric Picnic 2015, Co. Laois

Electric Picnic Logo

Just a quick note to say I'm off to Electric Picnic tomorrow. I'll be taking part, once again, in Greencrafts, Craft Village, delivering workshops to kids and adults in making Yarn Mandalas, or Ojo de Dios (God's Eyes), as they are sometimes known. I first came across these many years ago, in a book about Mexican Weaving. They were little offerings, good luck charms, very similar to our own St. Bridget's Cross. I loved making them. Such beauty with just a few pieces of yarn and sticks.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

OTHER: Growing Herbs

This blog is mainly about my craft work, but another passion of mine is gardening. (Yes, as my sister says, I was born granny!). I haven't done a lot of gardening this year, due to, well, bad weather, and not being in the right mind-set. I've been trying to design a small foraging garden, where nearly everything is either edible, medicinal, or in some way useful. Easier said than done! Our weather is mild, but extremely damp, and when those Wild Atlantic Winds blow, you can taste the salt on your skin. My veg beds leave a lot to be desired, but my herb garden is thriving.

MAKE: Harvest Knot Commission

I was commissioned by a lovely Bride-to-be, to make a series of harvest love knots for her wedding. She had as a young woman, come across the knots, and always thought them lovely.

She discovered an old blog post about harvest knots, and contacted me to ask if I could make some for her. She was very apologetic about her request, incase I found it odd, but infact she made my day, I love odd requests and unusual commissions. It was a lovely idea to include such a traditional craft, in with a modern wedding. I was only too glad to make them for her!

DESIGN & MAKE: Feile na Bealtaine

 Feile Na Bealtaine 2016 logo

Every year I take part in our local Arts Festival, Feile na Bealtaine. Everything from installations, workshops, exhibit, etc. This year, I was asked to help the school my son goes to, to design and make a series of costumes and props for their participation in the Feile Parade. Naturally, since I love parades, and its my son's school, I gladly took part. The theme this year was games, and the school chose 'Cowboys and Indians'.